Memories Fade… Until Now!

Your Moments

VR Wedding

Wedding Ceremony

Re-Lyve your wedding day from your guests point of view. Share your day with those who couldn’t be there, this includes your unborn children.

Concerts & Music Videos

Bring your fans on-stage in Virtual Reality! Record and Stream your performances live in a way that bring your fans closer than ever!
Family Reunion

Family Reunions

Don’t just talk about the family reunion where dad almost caught the backyard on fire. Re-Lyve the moment and laugh your hearts out!

Loved Ones

What a better way to remember conversations with loved ones lost than to Re-Lyve them moment in Virtual Reality! Even when they’re gone, the memories remain vivid!

Our story

Capturing Lyfe!

Lyve.Life was created to eliminate the blur by encapsulating your life’s most important moments!

Imagine being able to revisit your wedding day 20 years later with your teenage children, or that family reunion where dad “burnt the beef”. Maybe you’d want to re-lyve your child’s first birthday, or that conversation with aging loved ones.

With Lyve.Life, we can capture any event in your life in up to 11k 360 degree video to be viewed in Virtual Reality headsets preserving the magical moments of your life so that they never fade. Call us to capture moments that your great, great, great, great grandchildren can enjoy with their children!

Our Packages


Wedding Package

Wedding Ceremony
YouTube VR
Facebook VR
Sharable File
4k 360° video
Google Cardboard


Wedding Package

re-Lyve plus…
First Dance
Highlight Reel
Premium Audio
8k 360° video
Customized Google Cardboard


Wedding Package

3-Chord plus…
Entire Reception
Multiple VR Clips
11k 360° video
Quest 2 VR Headset
2 Google Cardboards for parents of the Bride & Groom
10% Off Addons

Baby Bump

Wedding Add-on

Capture any of the following:

-Baby Shower
-Child Birth
-Welcome Home
-First Birthday


Wedding Add-on

Capture 2 of the following:

-Baby Shower
-Child Birth
-Welcome Home
-First Birthday


General Package

Capture any of the following:

-Family Reunions
-Sporting Events
-Final Moments
-Concerts and more!

Want to know more?

Our client success specialist are prepared to consult with you and help you keep your memories vivid! Call us today! (833) 317-4646